Intramurals Rules

All full-time students, graduate students, Alumni, Faculty and Staff are eligible for participation in the Intramural program with the following exceptions:

  1. any individual currently on a Varsity or "B" team is not eligible for that sport, for example: a member of the ice hockey team Varsity or "B" team is not eligible to play in the intramural floor hockey league or tournament. If an activity is run during the off season a Varsity or "B" team member may participate. A team may have no more than two (2) Varsity or "B" team players on a roster.
  2. any individual ruled ineligible by the Intramural Director because of improper conduct.
  3. any individual who feels they are not of good physical condition to participate in an activity.
  4. Individuals can play on only one team in a league. They may play on teams in different sports - for example: on volleyball and softball teams at the same time but not on two volleyball teams.

Responsibility of captains

The team captain serves as a vital link in the communication chain necessary for the success of the intramural program. The captain's responsibilities are:

  1. Serve as the liaison between intramural team and intramural staff with regard to current information concerning schedules, rules and rule changes.
  2. Obtain and submit, by the designated deadline date, entry form and forfeit fee for each of the respective activities/sports.
  3. Attend captains meeting. Schedules for the league will be distributed, rules for play, sportsmanship and conduct and requirements for tournament play will be discussed. If the captain or assistant captain is unable to attend, a team member must come as a representative. Failure to attend the captains meeting will result in beginning the season with one (1) loss.
  4. Notify team members of all playing dates and times, plus inform them of any necessary changes regarding their team. It is not the responsibility of the Intramural Director to notify every player of changes.
  5. Know all rules pertaining to player eligibility, and make certain that all team members are eligible before listing them on the roster.
  6. Become familiar with rules and officiating techniques. It is the captains responsibility to make sure all players abide by the rules.
  7. Captains need to be aware that if members of their team play on another sport during the same season (ie. floor hockey and basketball), there may be possible conflicts with scheduling. There will be no changes in scheduling to accommodate these teams.

Responsibility for individual events

  1. Individual events are events that participants sign up for in the Intramural Office.
  2. These events are one day or a week long, single or double elimination tournaments.
  3. The participant who signs up is responsible for checking the schedule on a regular basis. The schedule may be sent by mail or a participant may be called and told what time they play if it is a weekend tournament. All schedules are posted on the bulletin board across from the Intramural office.
  4. Any participant who fails to show up for their scheduled matches will lose by forfeit.

Forfeits and forfeit fees

  1. If a team fails to show up for a scheduled contest without forewarning, that team will forfeit the game and receive a loss. More than three forfeits in a given season will result in expulsion from the league.
  2. A forfeit fee is collected in all team sports that are part of a leagues to cover the cost of officials in case the team forfeits a game. If the team forfeits one game they lose half of the fee; two games they lose all of the fee and are dropped from the league. If no games are forfeited, the fee will be refunded at the end of the school year.
  3. No rosters will be accepted without the $15.00 cash forfeit fee. A $5.00 non-refundable fee will be accessed to any late entries.
  4. A forfeit fee will only be returned to the person who pays it.
  5. The forfeit fee may be transferred to another sport providing
    -there is authorization from the person who paid the fee
    -the second sport does not overlap the regular season
    -there are no forfeits on the transferred fee.
  6. If a team is not present and ready to play within ten (10) minutes of the scheduled starting time of that contest, a forfeit will be declared.
  7. If both teams fail to appear, then each team will receive forfeit. If both teams have less than the number of players required for the contest a double forfeit will be declared.

Participant Conduct

Part of the philosophy of intramurals is good sportsmanship and fair play. Continuation of any intramural event depend on the behavior, control and attitude of all participants.

Fighting and any evidence of substance use will not be tolerated. Any indication of these situations will result in suspension or disqualification from the game or the league by a team or player.

Officials working the game have the authority to remove a player from the contest or playing site because or unsportsmanlike behavior. Repeat offenders will be suspended from the league for the season, and may come under review by intramural staff for permanent suspension.

Instances of poor sportsmanship that will not be tolerated:
-striking an opponent
-arguing with an official or supervisor
-derogatory remarks to opponents, officials or supervisors
-any action which shows disregard for the rules and policies of the Intramural program
-other behavior deemed inappropriate by game officials

Some examples of automatic ejection:
-physical contact with an official
-intention of harming another player
abusive language or behavior

All automatic ejections will be reviewed. Participants may be suspended from the league or event for the remainder of the season.


  1. A team using an ineligible player will forfeit all the games that player participated in.
  2. A student found playing on more than one team in the same sport will be dismissed from the teams for the remainder of the season, and the teams will forfeit all games up to that point in the season.
  3. A student using an assumed name will be barred from further Intramural competition for the remainder of their undergraduate study.
  4. Any team that forfeits two or more contests will be dropped from the league, and will lose their entry or forfeit fees.


Equipment will be provided for most intramural contests and recreational events. You must provide your own softball glove and goalies must provide their own goalie equipment. Personal equipment may be used if it meets official standards and the other team agrees to use it before the contest begins.

Equipment may be signed out with an ID card at the control desk. The person who took out the equipment is responsible for that piece of equipment and must return it to the control desk when finished.